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“My Experience is Your Success”  

I started taking lessons at age 13 and continued taking lessons all through high school and pursuing music vigorously.

Finally, after high school I began preparing for a professional tour. In 2000 I toured professionally with a cover band

performing over 250 shows in 1 year. I continued with a second tour in 2001. In 2002 I resumed my college career that I had previously started. I graduated from a small private college called New Tribes in Jackson, MI. I have moved to the greater Los Angeles area to pursue my professional teaching career. I have been playing for 20 years and teaching since January 2009. I enjoy playing any kind of Heavy Rock, Blues or Smooth Jazz.

What are Guitar Immersion students saying?

“Guitar Immersion is great. I rate it 10/10 if you want to be the best you gotta learn from the best . There is no such thing as fast and easy all you gotta do is 3 things practice, practice, practice.” ~Daniel Castillo

Nashville Artist CHARMAINE

It truly was an honor and a privilege to perform with CHARMAINE whose album “LOVE REALITY” is named in the TOP 10 BEST CCM ALBUMS OF 2010. I recently played in one of her shows in Loma Linda, CA. in June 2014.

Lessons for Aspiring Artists & Young Musicians